Videos that Launched Last Week

#BetterCallPaul July 2017 Special
Ingham County Health Department – healthy Ingham County 
Elder Law of Michigan, Inc. – Pensions Part 1
#TBT –REACH Studio Art Center – Garden Project 2016 
#JazzFriday – Marcus Elliott ‘The Hills of Pinar del Rio

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2nd Brain Collective Podcast with Amanda Washburn of Rough Draft Solutions

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This week: War For the Planet of the Apes
Last week- Spider Man: Homecoming

Events coming up this week:

Thursday: The Drinking Lunch
Thursday MABA Golf Outing

What’s in the news
1. Publisher’s gaming Facebook by Posting Pictures As Videos
2. Long Form Video Most Popular, regardless of screen size
3. GE Healthcare is Releasing a 30 minute Documentary on Instagram, a minute at a time

Also Question of the week:

Does Quality Matter?