Video is a great informational and promotional tool, but what my clients use it for the most is for great public relations. They may not even know they are using that way either.

What do I mean? Every organization has a culture. Every organization has a personality and it comes through in every person that organization has in a video. It shows that they know what they are talking about and it shows that love or passion in their field. In essence, it is very good PR and the best PR.

Yes, it can be seen as an over positive fluff piece, but it’s real and genuine and people love that stuff. Your audience wants to be talked to not talked at and creating video that harbors your company culture does just that. It creates a more human element. That’s good PR.

Take one of our newest clients, Preuss Pets, for example. They could talk about new animals or new product all of the time. The thing is, they know that what they provide is a human-animal relationship as well as a business-community relationship. It’s their culture that shines through.  Check out the video below to see the affect they have on their employees.

So when you are thinking of promoting a service or informing the world about something new you are doing. Don’t forget to inject the culture of your organization. That’s what people really want to see. So, do them a favor and show them exactly who you are. It’s just good PR. Have I said that enough?

If you are looking to have your organization shine on the web, drop us a line, we will have a few ideas for you.