I know, I know I’ve been talking about using video for your organization, have presented you with stats and reasons why you should. Let’s just say, I sold you on that part and you agree. The next step is what do you do? What videos should you make? Let’s start simply and look at the aspects of your business or organization to figure that out. I have 5 ways right off the bat. And these can be used for any organization.

video-wall21. FAQ. Do you get a lot of the same question? Well, that must mean you need to explain about something you offer that needs better detail. More visual detail, if I might add. So a video will really help in that regard.

2. Product or Service. This seems like a no-brainer, but I would also like to refer back to another post I have and do a video on each specific service or product. That way you can really promote what you do and why you do it your way. Also, get new videos out about new stuff right away!

3. Testimonials. You have clients right? Especially clients that really like you. Get them on video talking about you and what you did for them and made them feel! This is probably the most powerful tool you can use for your marketing. It works a lot better than text and people see a genuine person as well. Maybe someone they even know! Also, you can flip the script a bit and go internal and get testimonials from your staff as well. This shows off your organization in a different light as well and gives a human touch.

4. Events. If your company holds events, promote them! Not only that have someone do a nice recap video to promote next year’s event. This is great way to show how much fun folks are having at your event and what people missed the year before so they come the next year.

5. How-to. This shows off your expertise in your particular field as well as your passion for it. I know it may seem that you are giving away your secrets, but the majority of people who are searching for your business, don’t want to do it themselves, but do want to know if YOU know what you are doing. So, show that off!

There are many other options you can do to add videos to what you are doing to show what you do and add to your story. These few items pretty much work for every business and is a great starting off point for venturing into using video for your organization. So, what are you waiting for?