Sitting down the whole day at your desk can pose a huge health risk. You may suffer from heart attack or diabetes to name a few if you continue to do this. Enzymes that reduce fat, insulin effectiveness, and metabolism rate will all go down as you start to sit on your chair, and will lower as the hours of sitting extend.

No matter how busy you are it’s a must that you do some stretching and exercise to prevent these health risks. There are simple steps that you can take that will not require you to leave your workspace. They are also convenient as they can be done every hour or two, without eating much of your precious time at work.

Even if you are regularly going to the gym, you should still do these exercises to avoid the health problems mentioned. Stretching your hands and legs while on your seat is one way to do this. Hold your stretch for a few seconds and repeat for a few times.

You may also stand up and stretch your legs by placing one on top of your desk, while standing on the other one. Hold the stretch for a few moments before doing this on the other foot. There are more easy to do exercises that you can try while working in your office and we compiled them in our infographic.

Get ready to become healthier even while busy working through our fantastic graphics below:

7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

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