return-on-investmentHaving a return on investment is very important. It’s good to know what the result is when you invest a certain part of your budget into something, you want to make it back, plus. I understand that and when I talk with a client I talk about how video will work for them and what’s the best way to use it that will have the most impact.
But while talking with a new client one day, the return on investment conversation was flipped a bit. We talked about how the actual return on investment doesn’t come from their budget, but actually their customer.

What I mean is, the customer invests in you as a business, in turn you create more products/or services and have more authority in your space to educate and engage with your community. Which your customer is already a part of.

So, where is the real return on investment when it comes to marketing? Is it within your budget? Or is it your customer investing in you to provide more material?

I know it’s a chicken and the egg conversation. But a good one when defining who is looking for the real return on investment.