As a video producer, I want everyone to use video for their organization. However, having video and using video are two different things. You just can’t have video for video’s sake. You really need to make sure that you are using it to meet your goals. That is why I want you to think about the three C’s when developing your plan on using video.

community_developmentContent: The adage right now is content is king. You do need something to put out there alongside your written blog posts, your photos and infographics. You need all of this content to push your message. Having video being part of a content marketing package helps visualize your organization in a different way and can be used to add that explanation point to the message you have been sending.

Context: I heard somewhere that if content is king, then context is queen. I really like that. You have to understand why you are using video and how to use it in your marketing and branding. Thinking about context allows you to fully describe the who and the why of your business and to develop a package that speaks to your audience.

Community: Speaking of audience, are they picking up what you are laying down? This is the group you need to be targeting so they can share and like and talk about what you have going on in your videos. Without a strong community, your videos may fall on deaf ears. But with a consistent content strategy you have the ability to build that audience and then sustain them.

So there you have it, think about these three things when adding video to the mix. If you already have content going, video will just enhance it, but only in the right context. Remember this. Video just for video sake is not going to work, because there is no strategy behind it. Your videos have to be purposeful, timely and engaging. That’s also how you build your community.