Now in this instance, I’m not talking about the band.

I am talking about being strategic when you develop the video that the right people are a part of it. In fact, I’m a big proponent of not using a narrator. Why? I feel that when creating a short piece that a narrator detracts from the engagement you are trying to achieve with your audience. I feel that the narrator talks at instead of to the audience and therefore an emotional connection is lost.

on cameraSo who should you put in the video? Who should talk? Well, real people. If you own a business, it should be you who talks about what your business is about and then add in your customers, and even staff who are standouts. For a non-profit, think about the same things, but focus on your services and who you serve. Each success you have is a story in and of itself and would make good videos. You are looking for donors, are you not?

When you use people that play a part in your organization, there’s a connection there between you and your audience, that can transcend into the physical world. But you have to be skillful with questions and prepared with what is needed to be said, these people will not be professional on camera talent for the most part. However, the connection they can make with the audience and the trust they will help build for your company is invaluable.

Just recently, I was talking with a client who wanted to focus a video on one of the software packages they use, he really wanted to get into the visuals of the piece. But during the process of the walkthrough, the person that demonstrated the product, did a wonderful job doing that. But, what stood out was his explanation of why this product works so well for hiim and the company. I thought why not just use him as the subject to introduce, demonstrate and resolve why this product works so well. That way, you have a real person talking about the product while using it and not just another product demonstration.

That is what we will be going with. Now don’t get me wrong there will be instances in which narration is necessary. I just like the first option of using real people to talk to your audience. Your audience will like it as well.