I know I talk a lot about YouTube. There are two reasons for that. 1. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. 2. It’s free.

At this point, I’m still educating my clients on using video in their current marketing, budgets are key and they know YouTube. However, for those who are looking to expand more into heavier video marketing, then spending money on seeing better results may be what you need. In that case, it would be time to look at other platforms that not only host your video, but help with analytics and return on investment as well. YouTube offers these as well, but with YouTube, to get the best out of the analytics there, you really have to fill out the information to get the best out of it.

what-video-hosting-service-is-bestHere are five other options for you if you are looking for more robust ways to use Video in your marketing. Remember, these have costs attached to them, but they offer free trials or upgrades to take advantage of everything they do.

1. Vimeo. You’ve probably heard about this one. This platform has really been billed for cinematographers. It offers a higher quality and is free up to 500 mb per week. After that you have to pay. It also offers the same kind of analytics as YouTube, however, it does not yet have the traction.

2. Wistia. This is the name brand for video marketing with integrations into several marketing platforms like Marketo and HubSpot. They are huge into analytics and integrate into your email platform very well to collect new customers.

3. Sprout Video. This platform not only allows you to analyze your results. It also can develop a website based platform that is completely video-centric. So if you are really looking at go all in on video, this is a platform to try.

4. Viddler. This platform works best in the educational or training realm and is a very good platform to do that. It’s organizational and collaboration tools set it apart for this type of visual learning. We have a client that uses this specifically for training purposes and it works very well.

5. Vidyard. This platform is great for in-house collaboration and creativity. It allows your team to create personalized videos, create videos from slide decks and also do live streaming, which these other platforms do not offer.

Now all of these platforms offer embeddable content to go on your website, have very robust analytical tools, integrate with email marketing and are mobile optimized. You will get everything you need out of them if you are ready to take that next step into video marketing. Plus they are served with no ads. That’s the biggest bonus. But that’s what keeps YouTube free.

Any questions?