Business owners, here’s a question for you: How easy is it to replace a toilet? Would you do it? How about a roof? Do you have the time? First of all, I know that was more than one question. I’m no good at math, that’s why I’m in video. Second of all, it’s not easy. If it was, there wouldn’t be plumbers or roofers or those that build a business on those skills.

It’s the same with video production. You can buy all of the tools necessary to produce quality video or (dare I say it) use your phone, but then what? Do you have the time as a business owner to create this video?

video-camera-lensThe answer to that is: No, you don’t. You need to spend all of your time building your business and working your passion. Video is time consuming, especially on the editing end. Trust me, I’ve been working in video for almost 20 years, I know how long it takes. Even with the upgrade in technology it still takes time. So, if it takes us several hours to produce a really excellent video piece to promote your business, how long do you think it will take you?

This exact situation happened to me several years ago. The potential client told me his entire plan for his business, marketing-wise, and then said he had the camera and software to produce video. I said, well, if you run out of time to produce the video you want, give us a call and we will help. He called a day later and has been a consistent client ever since.

He was completely creatively capable to do the job, but it wasn’t his passion plus he had a business to run. Don’t make video another chore. It may seem exciting and creative but it does take time. And that is what we do best, produce something great for you as well as give you your time back to build your business.