I don’t normally condone using a cell phone for any video practice, it just doesn’t usually create a professional looking video, unless in the hands of a professional. However, I know sometimes, budgets are what they are, and you may be caught in a situation in which you cannot hire a professional. In that case, allow a professional to steer your straight when it comes to using your phone for video. Here are my seven ways in which you can get the best from your phone.

shooting-w-a-cell-phone1: Shoot horizontally not vertically

2. Use both hands to stabilize the phone.

3. Shoot in a well lit area. 

4. Shoot in a quiet area and shoot close up (about a foot away) on the subject to get the best audio.

5. If you can, use a window as your light source. Shoot with the window behind you and lighting the subject.

6. Use the same phone to record each interview.

7. Get name, correct spelling of name and title. 

The most important tip to remember is number 1. There’s very little on your end you can do to fix vertical video. To make it look pleasing to the eye, you have to have a professional help you. Here’s an example of what we did to fix a vertically shot cell phone video to add to another video.

Vertical Video

So, using your cell phone isn’t the most ideal source to create a video, however there are moments where it is necessary. Just be prepared and also realize that no matter what, having that professional touch is key.