Video is everywhere. It’s no longer just the computer screen, it’s now on your tablet, your phone…..maybe soon, your watch. The creation of video content on many platforms is becoming easier and faster to publish. In order to have video seen by people, where should you upload your video directly? YouTube? or Facebook? The answer to that is both.


Facebook has made a real concerted effort to be video centric. In fact, even organically, your video can get major reach. Facebook has added thumbnails, but the biggest thing is the ability to tag people, businesses and so on so that it hits their news feeds and their fans can see the content. If you have a big presence on Facebook, uploading directly to Facebook should be a necessity.


YouTube is a bigger world beyond the walled garden of Facebook. YouTube allows for a better embed and a link to share to other social networks. Youtube also has the ability to annotate on the video to send folks to other videos on your channel or outside your channel or even to other websites and works well on mobile platforms outside of its native site. YouTube is owned by Google, so it is strong from the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standpoint and can be indexed in searches. Facebook videos are not. YouTube videos can also be shared as links on Facebook, but Facebook links cannot be shared on YouTube.  However, Facebook does downplay links when it comes to organic reach.


The more, the merrier!  Post videos to both platforms to get the greatest reach with your Facebook fans and search engines. They both love video, so make the best of both worlds, even though they may not get along!

I’d love to hear your stories and solutions when it comes to video, plus if there’s anything my company, UnoDeuce Multimedia can help you with when it comes to video, please drop us line.