How We Can Help You Especially During This Time

This is a unique time that presents unique challenges. However we are in a unique position to help. We are built to work digitally and have several ways that we can help create content to keep your business or organizations going. Now is the time to reach your audience digitally either through promotions or fundraising situations.  Below is a listing of several ways that we can consult and implement for you and because of the severity of the quarantine and economic issues revolving around that, we have significantly reduced prices for these options. Please reach out here to talk directly with someone about what those costs will be and how best to create what you need.

See Below For The Services We Can Do Now!


We can develop infographic based videos that can revolve around any statements, statistics, quotes, etc. that you would like to brand and will be developed in two formats: widescreen for the FB and YouTube audience and Square for the Instagram and LinkedIn audience. They will also be captioned and that file will be sent as well. See an example to the right.


We can use already created footage, whether it has been professionally created or generated by mobile devices. These videos will be developed into square and widescreen formats as well as captioned and can be created in a 24 hour time span. See an example on the left of how this can be developed for your organization. Also, here if sending us mobile device video, here is a quick guide on how to get the best audio and video from those devices.


We can also take a high resolution graphic of your logo and animate it to give your business or organization a highly professional veneer. This can be used as a social post or as intros or outros with call to actions. These can also be created in widescreen and square. See an example of this to the right.

Other Options That We Have For You

  • Consulting on, Creating  and Updating YouTube Channels. Including becoming a remote producer for your channel
  • Editing, consulting, creating and updating Podcast channels and pages
  • Development of Virtual Fundraising events
  • Development of Award programs virtually

For Any Questions About How This Can Work For You, Please Contact Us!