Non-Profit Video Storytelling

UnoDeuce Multimedia has been working with non-profit organizations since the very beginning when we started in 2001. In fact, that is why our owner began UnoDeuce Multimedia. To tell the positive stories of organizations making huge impacts in their community.

Our expertise in working with non-profits really revolves around fundraising, brand development and promotion. In fact, in 2019, UnoDeuce Multimedia helped our non-profit friends raise over $650,000 in the Greater Lansing, MI area alone.

With our extensive experience working in the non-profit world, we are confident that we can offer you the ability to level the playing field without breaking the bank. UnoDeuce offers tiered video storytelling packages that can meet the needs of the necessary marketing, as well as giving customized options to work within your existing budget.

Let’s talk more with you about what we have to offer or to get some ideas about pricing, the first thing we would like you to do is to fill out our Creative Video Storytelling Planner.

Check out some ways we can customize our style to fit your budget.

Custom Fundraising Video Package

This package is built around the Benevon model, we create a story that follows the theme of your three buckets for your fundraising year. This package can include any of these elements:

  • A 5 to 7 minute video that is the centerpiece of your annual fundraising event.
  • Promotional videos to help generate buzz around your fundraiser.
  • A thank you video to your donors.
  • Shorter stories that can be part of your tours.

Child and Family Charities

The Firecracker Foundation

Creative Storytelling Partnership

This all-inclusive package gives you access to our team as your own on-call video storytellers. This is our retainer plan that can be set up to capture footage for later use, to build a training series or event-based videography, as well as the regular storytelling aspects you need to further your brand, educate others and promote your cause.

We offer three retainer models based on your needs:

  • 100 hours
  • 150 hours
  • 200 hours

Social Media Packages

We know that social media is the best way to get word out to your followers quickly and video is huge when it comes to those platforms. We have built several social media plans that focus on promotion and brand awareness to help make sure you are top of mind in your digital community.

  • Each video will take advantage of the social media platforms and be conformed to a 30 to 90 second timeframe.
  • A thumbnail will be created for each video.
  • There are two plans available, a 6 video and 12 video plan.

Elder Law of  Michigan