Remote Live Streaming Video Production

What is it?

This new service is a video production tool that can be used in conjunction with an organization’s social channels (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and produced by us from the safety of our office. This allows your organization to fully focus on the live video presentation and we can manage all of the creative and logistical elements and making sure the stream stays live, it broadcasts appropriately, looks professional and is distributed properly.

How is it Produced?

We set up the entire program into our platform, using the branding elements provided by your organization. We send a link to you and the potential participants to log into our platform.

We manage the production from our office, including doing a run-through prior to the broadcast as well as starting and stopping the broadcast on time.

We also manage the technical elements, including the live social interaction and potential broadcast interruption.

Afterwards, we send audio, video, captions and a transcript of absolutely everything said to any platform of your choice.

We can fully manage YouTube and Podcast platforms for distribution.

What We Will Need

High resolution Logo, color palette and font set (Brand Standards Guide recommended)

Access to Social Media accounts. Or connection with website developer/marketing director.

A good internet connection (wired ethernet preferred) quiet space and a well lit room.

Let’s Get Started On Your Live Stream Video!

Click the button to fill out the live stream production planning document and then click to schedule your date and time.

Remote Live Stream Broadcast Planner
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Examples of  Live Streaming Video Production

TCOA Dinner & Auction Virtual Gala LIVE

Todd Martin Youth Leadership Virtual Fundraiser

Communities in Schools of Michigan