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Guest Blog: Follow-Ups: The Secret to Success in Sales

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It isn’t an overstatement to say that following up with sales prospects is more important than finding new leads, and it’s backed by data. However, research indicates that 44% of salespeople don’t make more than one attempt to close a sale—even though 80% of sales happen after the fifth interaction with a prospect.

This makes it clear that consistency and perseverance are essential to any sales strategy if you want the best return on investment (ROI).

Research shows 40% of the prospects you approach are at the beginning of their buyer journey, which means they can be far from ready to make a decision. You can win sales by simply ensuring that you are still around while other salespeople have given up. This sounds quite motivating, doesn’t it?

Here’s an infographic that can help you define your sales and marketing strategy, and show you where best to invest your energy. Remember, the secret to success in sales isn’t being the right person at the right time; it’s being the right person at any given time.

Nicholas Rubright


Nicholas Rubright is a communications specialist at Writer. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys playing guitar, writing music, and building cool things on the internet. Social Media:

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