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UnoDeuce VIDEO: Giving Tuesday 2021 Giveaway!

It’s our favorite time of the year! The time when we take a few moments to slow down and show extra gratitude for all of the work that nonprofits do in our community all year long.

And what better way to say thank you, than with a giveaway?!

UnoDeuce VIDEO: Behind the Camera Episode 6: Top Duck Products

Every day, we strive to be the hero in the story for our clients. And well, some days go better than others! Come along with us as we share a funny behind-the-scenes moment that wasn’t exactly funny at the time… (more…)

UnoDeuce VIDEO: PaulTalk Episode 7 – Patience

One of the things that going through a health crisis taught our owner, was patience. Especially during recovery time. And that patience doesn’t mean dealing with others, but really with yourself as you acclimate yourself back ti the day to day grind.

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Every organization has a story. Do you have the right storyteller?

UnoDeuce is a storytelling agency that uses video to document the why of non-profit organizations and socially responsible small businesses and share how they make a positive impact on their community.

We do this a variety of video based solutions for brand awareness, donor cultivation, training, fundraising and promotions.

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#BetterCallPaul – Becoming a Vlogger

On this episode of #BetterCallPaul, Paul talks about why you should consider vlogging and gives some tips on what to do. As always, if you have questions about video marketing and storytelling, You know what to do. You Better Call Paul.

#BetterCallPaul – A Conversation With Dr. Susan Maples

Our conversation this month is with Dentist, Speaker and Author Dr.Susan Maples.

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Paul has been a visual storyteller for as long as he can remember and decided to turn that into a career. He chose video as his medium and his award winning style has been seen nationally as well as praised locally. A self-proclaimed community proponent and pro-Michigan advocate, he owns and is creative video strategist for UnoDeuce Multimedia which is celebrating its 6th year in Lansing. Paul was just recently awarded the 2015 Entrepreneur Institute Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year.

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