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Event coverage Lansing, MI

Uno Deuce Multimedia provides traditional event video coverage as well as added content to keep your event keep moving and more enjoyable for your guests.

Events are a major form of fundraising, community outreach, networking, and more. We can develop video elements to help you get you get your organization’s message out and drive key points home with your guests. In addition, video can also be used as transitions between speakers or filler during your event to control the pace.

Services we offer include: 

  • Sponsor Roll (looping video displaying event sponsors)
  • Award content (30 – 60-second highlights the award recipient or the award)
  • Sponsor video ( 15 – 20-second video allows the sponsor to be recognized or say)
  • Hype / Promo Video (60-second high energy promotional video for your event)

We would love to help you take your next event to the next level, please contact us for a free consultation!

Example Sponsor Roll

Example Hype Video

Example Sponsor Shoutout

Example Award Winner Highlight

Green Screen Studio Production


Production: $50 per half hour $75 per hour

Post-Production: $25/ per 15 minutes, $75 for the hour

Green Screen Studio is located at:

UnoDeuce Multimedia, 15851 South US 27, Building 20, Lansing, MI. 48906

Please fill this out first:  Green Screen Studio Questionnaire

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Live Streaming Production (One Camera)


Pre-Production (any graphics created prior): $50/half hour

Live Stream Test (Day Before): $100

Live Streaming Production: $100/hour

Post-Production (clean up of video): $50/half hour

Please fill this out first:  Live Stream Production Questionnaire

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