This is a unique time. We are experiencing an unprecedented situation in our lifetimes and it has caused us to shift our thinking not just about business as usual but marketing that business as usual. We here at UnoDeuce, have come up with several ways during this current pandemic by using video. Here are some ways that we are doing that:

  1. Creating Infographic Style Videos
  2. Creating branding elements around already created videos.
  3. Creating a video using cell phone videos that are sent to us.
  4. Creating shorter social media based stories through videos that we have produced.
  5. Managing YouTube and Podcast channels

However, there’s much to do that goes beyond video. In fact, my friend Amy Zander of Zeedia Media  has several ways that you can do this and helps you think of  several to do your best during this uncertain time. Check out her blog here: Marketing During the Coronavirus

To learn more about Amy, much quicker, please watch her UnoCard: