I get this all of the time: ” I know I probably need video for my organization, but why? What is the reason?”

Great question. I have 3.

video-marketing1. Retention When you use video. The video itself uses more than one of your senses. In this case, the obvious ones are sight and and sound. When that happens, the retention rate of what was just seen and heard goes up exponentially. In fact, upwards of almost 70%. Couple that with various videos of what your organization is doing and you have a fan base.

#2. YouTube YouTube is huge. I cannot stress this enough. YouTube is the second most used search engine and is owned by the most used search engine, Google. Plus, Google loves video. It’s built in search engine tools and measurement abilities, make it an indispensable tool for video marketing. Not only that, but Facebook is catching up and competition is good.

#3. Digital Natives A technologist that I liked to follow, Philip Hodgetts, said a few years ago that video will become the new literacy. That day is quickly approaching. With new tools being developed all of the time that quickly access the rapid advancements in mobile technology, video is quickly booming as a communication and research tool.

The fact of the matter is, video is quickly becoming a necessity for your organization to stand out. The generation that’s becoming a consumer and the generation after them, have had access to video as a regular day to day tool, when the rest of us at their age now were still using Britannica and not Wikipedia. Think about that. The yellow pages has been replaced by Google for search and remember what I said above. Google loves YouTube.

The time to use video for your business started yesterday. It’s time to make that first one and go from there.