A hot bowl of soup is a great way to warm up and wind down on a crisp autumn day. But what about the rest of the year? Can’t soup be enjoyed then, too? Is there a way soup can warm your soul as well as your body? And can the soup be free?
If you live in Lansing, you can proudly answer ‘yes’ to all of this thanks to a spectacular event known as SoupGrant Lansing.
Go grab a spoon and a bowl. I’ll fill you in on the details when you get back.


Think of SoupGrant Lansing as a crowdfunding event with free soup. On the third Thursday of every month, at Grace Lutheran Church in Lansing, people from in and around Lansing come together to enjoy great soup and support people doing good things in their community.
After some chit-chat with new friends, everyone settles in with a hot bowl of soup and watches 2-3 presenters discuss projects they are working on to improve the community.

Community Boosting

Each presenter gets 5 minutes to describe their idea, how it helps people in Lansing, and how they would use the money from the SoupGrant. The crowd then has a chance to ask questions.
Once all of the pitches are done, anyone in the crowd who donates $5 or more gets to vote for their favorite project. The project that receives the most votes gets the whole pool of money donated by the voters, also known as the SoupGrant.

Big Hearts Welcome

One aspect of SoupGrant Lansing that really stands out is its inclusiveness. Anyone with an idea to improve their community can apply and present. High-schoolers, senior citizens, businesses, nonprofits, and everything in between are all welcome.
SoupGrant is also a great way to discover and support great, new things happening in Lansing. A lot of people are working very hard to make Lansing blossom and it’s so inspiring to see a few of those folks each month.

Spread the Word!

Have an idea that could put a smile one someone’s face? Apply and talk about it! Share SoupGrant with a friend. When word spreads about an event such as this, Lansing, your community, benefits.
Hope to see you and your spoon at the next SoupGrant Lansing!
erik_kira_selfieErik Gillespie is a software developer and semi-pro advocate of amazing things. He founded Giving Jar, a blog and upcoming donation platform for Lansing charities, and helps people learn how to create websites and other software at Lansing Code Lab. He’s kind of obsessed with board games, too.