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The Mystery of the Viral Video

Every video producer within the last five years has heard the phrase, “ I need you to make me a viral video!”

Every video producer also knows that that’s when you have to sit the client down for an educational moment. Videos do go viral, but it’s either by pure chance or by having a huge strategy behind it. If you don’t plan for it, or have a kid, cat or dog do something spontaneously, the chances of your video going viral is zero. And like they say in showbiz, don’t ever work with kids or animals. Now you see the irony in this?   However, with that being said, I also think the viral aspect of a video is also very relative. What do I mean by that? You have to look at the market you are serving. If your audience is a subscriber base of 8,000 and you get 2,500 views and over a hundred shares organically, I think you can claim that your video went viral. The same goes if you have only 2,000 subscribers and your video got 900 views and 15 shares. it was pretty darn successful!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVoAAAAJGEwMWE0YzA2LWZlZjktNGIzYS1hNGE4LTAyMTgyODdiYWE2MwWhat I am saying is you can’t compare your video success rate to what Coca Cola or even the Kardashians do. Not only do they have a large fan base, but they have a huge marketing machine behind them as well. They also have a strategy put in place as well so that their video views do hit the hundred of thousands of views and shares.

So, what do you have to do to make sure you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to video? 1. Have a strategy in place to use it effectively.  2. Upload it to more than one place 3. Embed it to your website 4. Make sure you add keywords 5. Tag the appropriate people/organizations involved with the video.

There’s many more, but essentially it comes down to knowing your audience and being able to tell the right story. Your video will go viral, but only if you have a plan and stick with it. Remember, just because a video of dogs without coordination got 1 million views doesn’t mean your video won’t be successful. It all boils down to the audience.

Here's an example of one of our videos that went "viral" locally.

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#BetterCallPaul - 5th Annual Deucey Awards are coming!

Our Deucey Awards go into their 5th year. Is your video a winner?

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2nd Brain Collective Podcast - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler of the Lansing Lugnuts

Jesse Goldberg Strassler’s long career in sports radio broadcasting took him to Massachusetts, Alabama, Illinois, and finally to Michigan. As the voice of the Lansing Lugnuts, Central Michigan University’s women’s basketball team, and local high school football games, Jesse is a prominent voice in the mid-Michigan sports community.

In addition to his live sports broadcasting, Jesse writes for Ballpark Digest and is the author of two books, The Baseball Thesaurus and The Football Thesaurus. On Saturday mornings he serves as the co-host of “The Pep Rally with Doc and Jesse” on The Team 92.1 FM.

On this episode of the 2nd Brain Collective, Jesse discusses his career in sports journalism, shares his thoughts on the future of radio, and tells a few hilarious stories about what can go wrong during a live broadcast.

Learn more about Jesse Goldberg Strassler:

LinkedIn – Jesse Goldberg-Strassler

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3 BIG Reasons To Use Video For Your Message

I get this all of the time: " I know I probably need video for my organization, but why? What is the reason?"

Great question. I have 3.

video-marketing1. Retention When you use video. The video itself uses more than one of your senses. In this case, the obvious ones are sight and and sound. When that happens, the retention rate of what was just seen and heard goes up exponentially. In fact, upwards of almost 70%. Couple that with various videos of what your organization is doing and you have a fan base.

#2. YouTube YouTube is huge. I cannot stress this enough. YouTube is the second most used search engine and is owned by the most used search engine, Google. Plus, Google loves video. It's built in search engine tools and measurement abilities, make it an indispensable tool for video marketing. Not only that, but Facebook is catching up and competition is good.

#3. Digital Natives A technologist that I liked to follow, Philip Hodgetts, said a few years ago that video will become the new literacy. That day is quickly approaching. With new tools being developed all of the time that quickly access the rapid advancements in mobile technology, video is quickly booming as a communication and research tool.

The fact of the matter is, video is quickly becoming a necessity for your organization to stand out. The generation that's becoming a consumer and the generation after them, have had access to video as a regular day to day tool, when the rest of us at their age now were still using Britannica and not Wikipedia. Think about that. The yellow pages has been replaced by Google for search and remember what I said above. Google loves YouTube.

The time to use video for your business started yesterday. It's time to make that first one and go from there.

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#BetterCallPaul - S03E10 5 Years of the Deuceys!

It's the fifth anniversary of our annual Deucey Awards!

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